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Oh man. Rikdo put Iwata in his other manga thing... Holy Brownie apparently. I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT. But this chapter is all about Iwata's floating brain having everything he loves explode or something.

NOOOOO! under the cutCollapse )

HM! Dilemma!

So, I was making icons for Iwata! And I find that in the RAWS for Volume 20, it actually has him in his suit on the back cover in color!

However, the color scheme isn't what I thought it was (but it was close!) but.. as I started to go through and alter my icons to match it I noticed the screentone didn't seem to match and make sense, and that I generally liked how mine looked more. And given that Rikdo seems to change characters' hair colors depending on the mood, I think I can do this and get away with it.




Note: The 'grey' should also be white like the surrounding white bits, I didn't didn't go and delete the screentone because that feels wrong somehow. For those curious as to the image I found, you can find that here. Note how the actual design of the helmet is kind of different too. Yeah.

[Shiouji's Lab]

Delivery! Where do you want 'em?

[Have one (1) cyborg carrying one (1) gigantic box more than four times his height containing all kinds of scientific equipment and past research. There's also a sealed letter attached:


If you could, please work on Ropponmatsu III, with the previous agreed on specs.

Dr. Kabapu

((pre-intro or something))

Permission/Stats Meme

Age: College Graduate... probably early 20's?
Height: Taller than average? He's slightly taller than Watanabe, I think, and is otherwise one of the taller people in canon... but I don't think he's the tallest.
Weight: A lot. Made up of so much metal and other precious materials for more than 90% of his body weighs a lot! But I think Ropponmatsu I is heavier, so particularly strong people could drag/carry him.
Medical Info: He's dead! Kind of. You know when people are braindead? He's the reverse. His body died of colon cancer and his brain was stuck into a robot body and is still alive. His brain is the only organic part of him, as well.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Physical traits: Like I said, more than 90% metal! He's as sturdy as you'd think he'd be, can easily punch through walls and walk through fire without much incident. However while he is watersafe, it doesn't seem as though he can swim or operate underwater.
What's Okay To Mention Around Him: Anything! It's Excel Saga.
Abilities: Beyond his innate cyborg abilities such as being able to hear things through his nose, and having an internal cell phone and radio which gets bad reception, Iwata has a suit! It increases his strength even more (I think) and he gains access to a gun that that blow anything up and disintigrate what doesn't blow up. There are probably many hidden features, like the fact that anything Iwata sees and hears, Shiouji can see and hear thanks to cameras and microphones hidden in his skull.
Notes for the Psychics/Empaths: No shielding whatsoever, but you won't find much of value in there. He technically knows many government secrets, but he's kind of a bigger one himself.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Sure! He's pretty darn durable though, and if you manage to bust him up too badly, you might have Shiouji complaining at you.
Maim/Murder/Death: No death please, but feel free to maim him as hard as you want.
Kissing/Hugging: He'll be more likely to kiss and hug you if you're a girl, than you wanting to do so to him.
Cooking: ...well he can cook some basic things but doesn't really have a sense of taste anymore. Or need to eat, but he eats anyway because he's not going to let something like not having an intestinal tract keep him down.


Character: Norikuni Iwata
Series: Excel Saga
Character Age: Not indicated, but college graduate.
Job: CFUD Red
Canon: Excel Saga is a story with many facets, like rock candy. Unlike rock candy, when you put it in your mouth, it is not delicious. However it IS mainly a story of two groups: Secret ideological organization ACROSS and the Department of City Security, each led by what may be a centuries old remnant of an old Atlantis-style civilization, Solaria. The leader of the Department of City Security, Dr. Kabapu, a politician who isn't afraid to use money to get what he wants, however truly does have the city's well-being at his heart. To this end he recruited five young teenagers with attitude four college graduates to become his sentai terrorist-fighting force, though they were led to believe they'd simply be file clerks employed by the government- though that part was true too.

Norikuni Iwata is an idiot with a heart of gold, with a strong imagination but not much else in his head to back it up. He's easily amused by things that are 'cool' and doesn't have much trouble accepting the strange and impossible- take him being turned into a cyborg for example. After dying of colon cancer he became property of the government, and 10 volumes later he seems well adjusted enough- he's learned to make phone calls with his hand and gets radio reception in his head and doesn't think twice about it. Though it's not entirely clear if he's actually accepted that upon death his human rights were forfeit and he's more property than employee.

Sample Post:

A Hero of Justice Appears!
Did I get that right? Man, this is so lame...

I- What was my codename again, Doc? Doc? Man, no reception in this place, we really are in the boondocks. Oh yeah, I wrote it on my hand so I wouldn't-- damn, gloves. Man, this swamp thing is almost as bad as the sewer tunnels that I had to come through to get here. Not that I can smell, but I can just tell, you know? It's green, soupy, and has detachable limbs sticking out of the really mushy parts. Even in a sewer, I don't smell, that's great, can't wait to tell them that one when I get back. It's okay, my nose can do other things than just sniff out crime, it has packet sniffer in it too. He said it was beautiful irony, but I don't get it, I don't even know what a packet sniffer is.

Whatever, who I am is not important, other than the fact that I am a hero of justice and invincible friend to all children! Take me to your leader-- I mean, I am your new leader! Looks like the director lady had a favor to call in with my boss, so here I am, CFUD Red! Evildoers and terrorists both have nothing to fear if they simply give up and turn themselves in! Otherwise I will blow them up in a sparkly and flashy manner! End of introduction! I do have a question though, do we gotta keep up the secret identity crap? I mean, this powersuit stuff gets really hot and sticky after a while y'know? In real life it's not all glamour and giant robots- sometimes you have to face stadiums of angry soccer hooligans and hope you don't get set on fire for ruining the game.

Hey come on, listen to me! I even got on the podium and did the post and everything! Fine! Be that way, I won't save your butts the next time you need saving, you Thriller rejects! Even M***ael Jack*** wouldn't have you guys dancing with him! I mean, I'll give you credit for the suspicious lack of life signs and missing limbs, but that just means you're lacking heart and spirit and aren't worthwhile to work under me anyway! Aren't you guys usually the bad guys? You have that whole 'mass-produced and easily defeatable' henchmen look.

Me? I'm not a bad guy! I'm a hero, the world depends on my shoulders... and my guns and fists, too! Without me you guys would probably still be in the ground where you belong! Wait... that didn't sound right, whatever, it's good enough for government work. They're paying me overtime for this, so I don't really care how long it takes you guys to cooperate, y'know? You ever wonder why guys like me always summon the giant robot before the end of the episode? Because they're not getting paid by the hour. We'd summon it straight off the bat but the city likes to avoid things like collateral damage. Not that I HAVE a giant robot, thanks a lot, economic crisis!

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strange- isn't it?
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